• Leading Supplier of Hammermill & Screening Equipment

    Leading Supplier of Hammermill & Screening Equipment

  • Over 30 Years in the Processing Industry

    Over 30 Years in the Processing Industry

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Performance Industries
Providing Products and Equipment for the Rendering Industry
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Looking for a Hammermill? Insist on quality!

In the commercial rendering industry, there is a critical need to be able to process large amounts of surplus animal by-products quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, there isn’t a standard solution, because the materials that you will need to process will vary in weight, density, and volume, and you’ll need to invest in equipment that will be suitable for the materials that you’re processing.

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How A Continuous Rendering System Works

Continuous rendering is an important way to productively repurpose the by-products of commercial food preparation. The meat industry only utilizes about 50-65% of cows, pigs, and chickens, and rendering is a safe way to convert the unused parts into high-quality feed and protein supplements for livestock. Each year, the rendering industry keeps over 60 billion pounds of animal waste out of landfills, and repurposes over 2.5 billion pounds of grease and used cooking oil!

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Why Performance Industries?

Here's why Performance Industries is the Best Choice for all of your Hammermill and Shaker Equipment!